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Get a professional logo design now!

It's Logo Time!

Is your logo crisp or looking for a new logo? Here, we offer custom logo design services for all kinds of businesses. Best believe you can customize the package, and budget to suit your preference.

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Professional Logo Design

Get a professional logo design now!

It's Logo Time!

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Three options

We have three different options to get the logo. Our designers are extremely passionate to create unique & professional logo designs. Our vision is to create the logo to implement your desires significantly, with skill and confidence. Raxlogo team always makes sure to deliver the design as per your requirements.

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Customizable Budget

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Now you can customize the package, and budget to suit your preference.

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Raxlogo - Testimonial

The public response has been enormous.

“We used Raxlogo for one logo design for my motor racing brand and they ticked all of our boxes (1st qtr 2020). We are now working again with them for a logo/brand identifier for our son’s business. They are responsive, trustworthy and creative. In this world – they are important ingredients.”

Craig M Scutella

Chief Executive Officer, Dream Racing Australia

How Raxlogo Works

Price Customization & Briefing

Customize your package and tell us about your business and perception.


Use our dashboard to chat, share files, and track project milestones from your desktop or mobile at any time.

Customers rate Raxlogo 4.94 / 5

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Types of Logos

A logo can take form of almost infinite variety of shapes and personalities - from literal through symbolic, from word-driven to image-driven.

They’re all a combination of typography and images, and each type of logo gives your brand a different look & feel.

And since your logo is the first thing your audience will see - you want to get it right.

Monogram, Lettermark

Brand initials


Sometimes referred to as a Lettermark.
A monogram is a type of logo that consists of letters, usually brand initials. It’s used instead of a traditional symbol, turning a company’s identity into an eye-catching visual.

Similar to a monogram


Sometimes referred to as a Logotype.
The most classic and pure form of a logo is the wordmark. A wordmark or logotype is a font-based logo that focuses on a business’s name alone.

Logotype, Wordmark
Pictorial, Brandmark, Symbol, Icon

An icon design


Sometimes referred to as a Pictorial, Symbol or Icon.
Basically, the image that probably comes to mind when you say the business name.

A specific type of brandmark

Abstract mark

It’s an abstract geometric form that represents your business. abstract marks work really well because they condense your brand into a single image. However, instead of being restricted to a picture of something recognizable, abstract logos allow you to create something truly unique to represent your brand.

Abstract mark
Mascot logo

Involves an illustrated character

Mascot logo

Often colorful, sometimes cartoonish, and almost always fun. A mascot is simply an illustrated character that represents your company. Think of them as the ambassador for your business.

Mixed concept

Combination mark

Sometimes referred to as a Logomark.
A wordmark or monogram with a symbol is what makes up a combination logo.

Combination mark, Logomark
Badge, Crest, Emblem, Seal

Traditional feel


Sometimes referred to as a Badge, Crest or Seal.
The emblem tends to have a traditional appearance about the organization or business that can make a striking impact.

5 tips for Starting a Business in 2020!

If you are interested in starting a business, 2020 could be the best time for that. However, starting a business is no joke. You need to choose the right niche. Moreover, you need to employ a fantastic branding campaign. That being said, here are 5 effective tips for starting a business in 2020.

Professional Logo Design

Combine your interest with demand

1. Choose The Right Niche

Your business is as successful as your interest. After all, humans are most committed to things that appeal to them. Choosing the right niche when starting a business will largely determine how you’re able to sell your services or products to others.

Significantly, it is advised you create a balance between going too broad or specific with the niche. For example, if you establish a Christmas business, how will you find customers when the season is over?

Throw your business online today

2. Branding and Online Presence

Today, a business is only as successful as its online presence. But how can an aspiring business owner achieve a strong online presence? The simple answer is branding. Branding largely dictates how the online audience views your business. Is your logo crisp? Can your website convert the audience to visitors and customers? Will people refer to your business? These are important questions you should answer.

Not to forget that you can get a professional custom logo design at Raxlogo. Here, we offer custom logo design services for all kinds of businesses. Best believe you can customize the package, and budget to suit your preference.

Professional Logo Design
Professional Logo Design

Understand your clients

3. Solve a Problem

Significantly, your business is as good as what it has to offer. One working tip is that a business should solve a problem. You can help create fun and cure boredom by providing customers with something entertaining.

Knowing the problem of customers before starting a business is great because it makes marketing your business easier. Show their frustration and then establish how your product or services can help them.

Do not neglect your health

4. Create a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Running a business requires time and energy. You must find a healthy balance between your work and other aspects of your life. This is important because most entrepreneurs are consumed with the business and then relegating health and family to the background.

That being said, balance is important because only you can run your business as you want. You need to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Professional Logo Design
Professional Logo Design

Make your client happy at any cost

5. Prioritize the needs of your clients

Indeed, gaining customers is one of the joys of a new business owner. However, you have to keep these customers by meeting their needs.

Do not let your customers feel frustrated over poor products or services, and the waiting period. Be sure to offer the best services to them.

Meet our clients


A heartwarming professional logo design will eventually bombard you with colossal amounts of potential customers!

Why is a professional logo design so important for your business?

All businesses of all sizes and types need to contend a tremendous competition in their specialty markets. They need showcasing procedures to defeat the obstacles made by the adversaries. In other words, an essential business logo configuration turns into a convenient instrument for entrepreneurs for driving the clients. Therefore, one of a kind logo configuration is absolutely the most noticeable component of a business!

A logo makes a great impression first.
“You will never get another chance to give a first impression!”

For instance, you literally have one chance to make this right, and we all agree that there is absolutely no stronger hook for web users, in our days than a breath-taking custom logo design! Moreover, your business logo is the basic foundation of your brand identity! Similarly, if your logo can convey your business’ message effectively and in an impressive way, it can help you easily create a unique identity. Therefore, it will also help you build a strong persona for your business!


Brand Identity

Don’t forget, logos are a point of identification. They’re the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. Similarly, you’ll want people to instantly connect the sight of your logo with the memory of what your company does – and, most importantly, how it makes them feel. Because a good logo is a visual, aesthetically pleasing element, it triggers positive recall about your brand that the name of your company alone might not. In addition, some of your audience will likely forget the name of your business (don’t take it personally – it’s human nature), but they’ll immediately associate your logo with their memories of your brand.


Attraction to the intriguing structure of a business

Most importantly, a heartwarming business’ design will eventually bombard you with colossal amounts of potential customers! Moreover, we don’t live in a monochromatic world. Individuals are attracted to intriguing structure and shading. Therefore, the logo that denotes your bundle or enhances your retail facade ought to be intended to draw intrigue and arouse the interest of your potential clients, provoking them to at any rate look, and ideally buy your item!


Leads the horse to water

Have you ever wondered about a brand, just to get instantly shocked that it is a well-known brand that just updated their logo! Similarly, now imagine the huge impact that change had on your mind, that almost or even did make you lose confidence about purchasing from that brand because it easily influenced their brand identity built in your deep mind thanks to the previous corporate identity design!
In addition, there is a wonderful quote to always keep in mind, “your logo leads the horse to water.” Horse (your audience), Water(your company)

A useful element for marketing

A logo is an important tool when it comes to promoting a company’s products or services. But the logo must have a unique design that incorporates a design concept and colors etc. elements in a special way. It must be unique and customized.


Above all, such a logo makes a lasting positive impression on potential customers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to get started?

After customizing the package you fill a short form. It’s too simple and takes only a few seconds. Once we get this info, we will start by designing the initial logo concepts.

Can we create a personalized package?


We are very flexible. Start Personalizing…

What if I am not satisfied with final design?

Your payment will be refunded if you don’t still agree with the final design!

Read our refund policy.

Is there a money back guarantee?


There’s a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with how the job went, you can ask for a refund at any time. The dispute will be fairly judged by our experts. You will receive a full refund if we feel the designer has not provided the level of service you paid for.

What is the workflow?

Option: 01 (Recommended)

1. Package Customization

You can customize the package as your wish.

Also, you can set the price as per your budget.


2. Collaboration & Payment

After customizing the package we will contact you through your provided email or WhatsApp. Once we get the creative brief, we will send a payment link to pay the exact cost for the logo design. After receiving the payment we will start by designing the initial logo concept(s).

-You can use your PayPal or any type of card to finalize the order.

Option: 02

1. Package Selection & Payment

Choose any one package from our pre-fixed affordable packages & place the order instantly.

-You can use your PayPal or any type of card to finalize the order.


2. Instant Collaboration

Start using the dashboard to chat with your designer, share files, and track project milestones from your desktop or mobile at any time.

Do I get rights to the design?

Of course!

Once you select the final design, you will get commercial rights to it.

However, many projects require 3rd party elements (fonts, photos, patterns, etc). It is the client’s responsibility to acquire and store safely any 3rd party license from its source. Fonts can’t be trademarked but licenses for their use are available.

Is simple, better?

People are more likely to trust something they’re familiar with, so they need to be able to recall your logo easily.

What is initial concept?

The initial concept is a rough idea to present to the buyer for approval before finalizing the design.

What is vector file?

A vector file is very flexible with resizing, branding elements like your logo can be rescaled to fit supports of any size without losing image quality.

What is social media avatar?

The social media avatar includes several social media site’s profile pictures with your finalized logo. Examples – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

What does unlimited revisions mean?

You can request unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. All types of revisions will be treated as new creative requests and will be done within 24 hours – mostly faster.

Is there a way to make my logo design brief confidential?

Your design brief will 100% safely stored in our server. We don’t publish or share anything you shared with us.

Also, you can ask anytime to remove your provided information from our server.

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